Stronger Together Festival

TVNPA's Stronger Together Festival features nonprofit organizations from the Tri-Valley and Bay Area beyond. The event attracts hundreds of residents from throughout the region to explore local nonprofit orgarnizations and learn more about "discovering their cause." TVNPA organizations have a unique opportunity to engage with festival attendees and showcase the important work they are doing to make a positive impact in the region.

NEW THIS YEAR! TVNPA is proud to partner with the Taste of Livermore Culinary Stroll presented by Livermore Downtown, Inc. The Culinary Stroll will take place alongside the Stronger Together Festival in downtown Livermore. Guests can sample from a bounty of wines, beer & culinary treats while enjoying live music as they wander the festival and explore the area's rich diversity of organizations.

Event highlights include:

  • 50+ participating nonprofit organizations serving the region's communities
  • Opportunities for organization's to hold charity collection drives, e.g food or diaper drives, etc. (One charity drive per booth.)
  • The Crayon Initiative service project
  • Pet Adoption
  • Event Passport Tour with prizes for visiting exhbitor's booths

Join us for the day and inspire people and local businesses to become involved with regional nonprofit organizations in their community. 

Members: $100 / booth
Non-members: $150 / booth

Sunday,  September 16, 2018
Noon - 4:00 pm
Shea Plaza at the Bankhead Theater

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The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance Mission
To provide local nonprofit organizations with opportunities to meet, collaborate, share resources, and strengthen each other as they work to raise community awareness and strive to achieve their missions.
Partnership  •  Collaboration  •  Community

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Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance

A Conversation with the Pros

Thursday, July 12, 2018
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Bankhead Theater, Livermore

There comes a time in the life of most nonprofit organizations when they come up against an issue and ask the question, "Is it time to bring in a consultant?"

Join TVNPA on at our July Monthly Program for a lively discussion with a panel of seasoned nonprofit consultants to learn more about the “whys and the hows” related to making that decision.
When should you hire a consultant and when should you not? TVNPA attendees will learn a few insider tips on our speakers’ strategies and plans, assisting you with when to begin moving your organization in the right direction on its own.

We are excited to welcome our five panelists who bring a vast amount expertise into the room to address the most challenging and sticky issues that are often faced by nonprofit organizations in their ongoing work to achieve their mission.


Chelsey Souza, President, Essex and Drake
Daryl Niemerow, Director, Hatchuel, Tabernik & Associates
Susan Carsen, Principal, Carsen Consulting
Tim Tabernik, President & CEO, Hatchuel, Tabernik & Associates
Lydia Evans-Hughes, Owner & Principal Consultant, Pure Momentum Consulting