TVNPA Forum 2018

Thriving In The New Philanthropy Era

Thursday, April 12, 2018
8:30am - 12:00 pm
Bankhead Theater
2400 First Street, Downtown Livermore

In the last decade, traditional notions of philanthropy have shifted from supporting charitable causes to making a social investment. How can traditional, community-based nonprofits address these disparities & adapt to be able to thrive in this new environment? 

Join TVNPA as we explore these transitions in American philanthropy. Tax reform has placed new restrictions on the charitable donation deduction. Donors are increasingly sending funds overseas and authorizing third parties to make gifting decisions on their behalf. Overall giving is on the rise, just as the surging US economy has created a new generation of deep-pocketed philanthropists, with a strong concentration in the Bay Area. To benefit from this largesse, however, nonprofits need to recalibrate their fundraising strategies.

​Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance is pleased to present its 2018 Forum Thriving in the New Philanthropy Era supporting nonprofits in adapting to the shifting dynamics found in today’s philanthropy. The event features three local leaders who will focus their sessions on these important issues. Our dynamic panel of speakers includes: Jan Masaoka, CEO of California Association of Nonprofits; Randy Pond, CFO at Pensado Systems; and Kate Wilkinson, Director of Strategy and Project Leadership for Open Impact.

Member Organizations: $15
Non-Members: $30

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​Serving Nonprofits with
Knowledge, Insight & Expertise

The Art of Networking and Perfecting Your Database

Thursday, March 8, 2018
10am - 12pm
Bankhead Theater

TVNPA’s community thrives on its network of people who connect through nonprofit organizations & the people they serve.In March, we’ll dive into how to grow & strengthen your network while perfecting the use of database tools to stay connected. Join us as TVNPA Co-Founder Mony Nop leads an energizing, interactive workshop on the art of networking!

In this interactive session, you 
will learn about the true art of 
networking and connecting with 
others. This lively session will 
be presented by Mony Nop, 
TVNPA Co-Founder and Vice 
President, who will illustrate key 
leadership and networking 
concepts developed by experts 
in the field: John C. Maxwell 
(5 Levels of Leadership), Malcolm 
Gladwell, and Brian Buffini.

Bankhead Theater
2400 First St.
Downtown Livermore
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